Building a digital hub for the art industry - reducing middle-men and empowering artists focusing on transparency and authenticity.

What we built?

We created the world’s first online customized marketplace for Artists, Curators and Collectors. We wanted to build a unique platform that brings together artists who can showcase their work, curators that can build their portfolio and collectors that can directly purchase through the platform, all hassle-free. We have created the platform with an easy UX to be able to connect with each of the TG and build a digital community that enables the exchange of artwork, seamlessly.


We identified that Transparency is key and mapped out unique features like highlighting purchase history, tracking transfer of owner, visually mapping growth on investment and current valuation and enabling conversations with the creator for direct interaction. All data recorded anywhere in the world related to the artwork is stored and displayed on the platform, creating a connected artist community unified by their love of art and the desire to stay authentic and transparent.

We simplified and reimagined the art place as a community and rebuilt it through a website keeping its sophistication, minimalism and authenticity intact.

Current Status

Live at

Global team,
Silicon Valley expertise.

We are based in Silicon Valley but have a network of great developers and designers around the world over different timezones.

Among other achievements, our team has won hackathons and have been finalists in the Microsoft Imaginecup, US. Our team includes people who’ve in the past worked with tech giants such as Deloitte, Facebook, Cisco.                           +1 (717) 683 9393