The IntelliCOAT™ system is the world’s first fully-automated system to control the application of heat shrinkable sleeves for the anti-corrosion protection of Oil&Gas pipeline field joints. Our team built and deployed the system that would collect, process and display all the data generated and manage the communication between the systems.

What we build?

3 separate systems from the ground up and made these 3 systems talk to each other:

— — —

A “data-collector” system which collects data from the machinery. A Tablet app for the field worker which reviews and adds more data to the collected data. A Web-app which syncs all data together, and displays it for the managers.

Business Problem

Sections of Oil and Gas Pipeline need heat to be joined together. Uses to happen manually by handheld devices but this had several problems:

— — — — —

Handheld heating - not uniform or consist Quality assurance issues. No temperature data or any sort of condition data to analyze. No data collected to detect patterns of issues. Data management not available. Not able to report issues on the spot while the joints were being worked on (which our android app made possible)


The solution that we developed was a comprehensive software system that integrated with the machinery and collected all sorts of data and processed, synced with the a central database. This addressed all the business problems listed above and this platform gave a lot of powerful tools in the hand of the staff involved in Oil and Gas pipeline projects.

Current Status

Being field tested by the staff and field workers

Global team,
Silicon Valley expertise.

We are based in Silicon Valley but have a network of great developers and designers around the world over different timezones.

Among other achievements, our team has won hackathons and have been finalists in the Microsoft Imaginecup, US. Our team includes people who’ve in the past worked with tech giants such as Deloitte, Facebook, Cisco.                           +1 (717) 683 9393