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MyCoinHome is home for your simple public profile. It lets you create secure, sharable profile pages with your public info and public blockchain wallet addresses.

Business Problem

To pay crypto to friends or to send/request crypto donations, people currently share complicated addresses over social media which has several issues:

The user needs to keep digging up and reverifying their BTC or ETH address
There is confusion over which coin address does the sender want (Is it BTC/ETH/LTC/XMR, etc) Circulating addresses over social media (Text / Whatsapp / Facebook groups) can easily be manipulated or hacked and changed. People wanting to send crypto to someone could easily fall prey to this.


A very simple, functional public space for users to publish their profile and crypto addresses.

Each user gets a simple, easy to remember URL like All coin addresses in one place. With QR code and copying ability Verifiable and much more secure since data is being stored on IPFS and then on Ethereum smart contracts.
Clean user interface

Current Status

Live at

Global team,
Silicon Valley expertise.

We are based in Silicon Valley but have a network of great developers and designers around the world over different timezones.

Among other achievements, our team has won hackathons and have been finalists in the Microsoft Imaginecup, US. Our team includes people who’ve in the past worked with tech giants such as Deloitte, Facebook, Cisco.                           +1 (717) 683 9393